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Actos Side Effects

Actos' major side effect is an increased chance of bladder cancer. However, Actos has other, less-severe side effects that users should be aware of before they start treatment. These are not severe enough to spawn an Actos lawsuit or attract an Actos lawyer, but they can make a user's life uncomfortable.

Side Effects Aside from Bladder Cancer

Such side effects are sore throats, upper respiratory infections, headaches, sinus infections, muscle pain, weight gain and dental problems. If these issues persist over time or worsen, please talk to your doctor.

High or low blood sugar is another possible side effect of Actos use. However, this should not occur if Actos is the only drug you are taking. If you are using Actos with another diabetic drug or with large amounts of alcohol, your blood sugar levels might be affected.

In addition, users might experience severe allergic reactions to Actos, although these instances are rare. However, if you see a rash on your skin, feel itchy, notice swelling or have trouble breathing, you may be having an allergic reaction. Contact your doctor immediately. To avoid such a reaction, make sure your doctor knows what allergies you have.

Women who are taking Actos could see a change in their menstrual cycle, increasing their chances of becoming pregnant. You may want to talk to your doctor about using birth control while taking Actos. Please note that the drug should only be taken during pregnancy as a last resort.

In some patients, Actos has even led to liver cancer. For this reason, be alert to signs of liver problems, as they indicate problems that could lead to cancer. These signs include dark urine, yellowing of the skin, continued vomiting or nausea, yellowing of the eyes or abdominal pains. If you exhibit any of these side effects, tell your doctor immediately.

Should your doctor decide to put you on Avandia as a result of any of these side effects, please also note that Avandia and Actos are similar. They are both diabetes medications and are in the same drug family. However, The Diabetes Channel has shown that Avandia has been linked to an increased chance of heart attacks. Let your doctor know if you have a family history of heart disease, as this can affect your doctor's therapy decision.

Not All Users will Get Side Effects

Taking Actos does not mean you will suffer from any of these side effects. Some users may show a few signs, but others will not exhibit any of them. As a general rule, side effects tend to be mild. However, if you exhibit any of them or "just don't feel right," let your doctor know. It may not be a side effect. It may be a complication, or it may mean that your dosage needs to be changed. If you experience an unlisted side effect, please report it to the FDA or contact a lawyer.

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