Bladder Cancer Treatment Options

Bladder Cancer Prognosis

A bladder cancer diagnosis can be devastating. Even the possibility that you may have cancer can be frightening. Fortunately, both the speed at which diagnoses can be made and the treatments that are available are improving, leading to more positive bladder cancer prognoses.

Several Factors Affect Prognoses

A number of factors determine a bladder cancers' prognosis, starting with the how quickly the cancer is found. Approximately 75 percent of all bladder cancers are found when the disease is still localized in the bladder, which significantly increases the chance of a successful treatment option. In contrast, only 3 percent of all bladder cancer diagnoses come when the disease is in its final stage and has metastasized to other parts of the body. As with any type of cancer, the more quickly it can be found and its type identified, the better the prognosis.

The type of tumor present in the bladder also affects a bladder cancer prognosis, as does the stage of the cancer. Papillary tumors are the most common type of tumors and lead to a better prognosis than sessile tumors. These tumors are rare but have a worse outcome overall. Bladder cancer also has five stages of development, with each successive stage being more difficult to treat. At each stage, different treatment will be recommended, and a patient's prognosis will change.

Survival Rates are High

Five-year survival rates for bladder cancer patients are higher than many other cancers that appear in the stomach and abdomen. More than 90 percent live to the five-year mark with localized bladder cancer, and almost 50 percent make it to five years with regional bladder cancer. If caught early enough, surgery may be an option, greatly increasing a positive prognosis.

While a bladder cancer diagnosis can bring a host of questions and concerns, the outlook of a bladder cancer prognosis is constantly improving. As long as the cancer is identified and treated quickly, many patients will receive a positive prognosis and may go on to be cancer free.

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