Legal Options & Rights for Bladder Cancer Victims

Actos Lawyer

In June 2011, the FDA issued a consumer update stating that using Actos for more than a year may increase your risk of bladder cancer — up to 40 percent. This update also explained that revised warning labels describing the link between Actos and bladder cancer would start appearing on the drug labels and patient medication guides. Prior to this announcement, Actos' manufacturer, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, distributed information about the drug's minor side effects. However, it did not reveal the possibility of developing bladder cancer due to a lack of research on its part.

As a result of this oversight, diabetes patients who were prescribed Actos before June 2011 and have developed bladder cancer may be eligible to file a lawsuit against the company. Since Takeda Pharmaceuticals distributed the drug without properly researching its effects, the company may be responsible for your condition and compensate you for your losses.

An Actos lawyer who is knowledgeable about the side effects of the drug and the legal issues involved can help you receive just compensation. If you'd like to get in touch with an Actos lawyer, please contact us. We can connect you with an experienced, informed lawyer who can help you recover your losses from this condition.

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