Actos Information

Actos Warning

The FDA reviews and analyzes food and medications used in the United States. Part of its duties is to help people understand the risks involved with any prescription medication. The FDA approved Actos for use in patients with type 2 diabetes, but it also advises patients about serious side effects they might experience.

Bladder Cancer

Perhaps the most serious warning associated with Actos is the potential to develop bladder. The FDA considers the risk to be so serious that in 2007, it ordered the manufacturer to place a "blackbox" message on Actos packaging, the strongest warning available. Additional warnings were added in 2011.

Congestive heart failure

One of the most serious warnings the FDA has placed involves congestive heart failure. The FDA advises doctors to monitor patients when they start using Actos for signs of this condition. It also caution doctors be aware of the dosage prescribed to patients, as higher amounts can trigger heart conditions.


This affliction is another commonly reported effect of Actos. Edema occurs when fluid collects in the body's tissues, causing swelling and other conditions.


The FDA also warns Actos patients about possible fractures and hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia is a serious condition characterized by a glucose deficiency in the blood. For diabetics, glucose and insulin balance are very important. Many diabetics use insulin to keep their glucose levels in check. If glucose is lowered and insulin is taken, serious medical problems can result.

What to Do If You are Taking Actos

Get checked for bladder cancer. Early detection has a big impact on treatment, as the sooner it is detected, the simpler the treatment. Additionally, educate yourself now about bladder cancer symptoms if you are prescribed Actos on a long-term or high-dose basis. In doing so, ask us for a free copy of our bladder cancer book. It has all the information you need to understand the risks of bladder cancer and how to protect yourself.

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