Legal Options & Rights for Bladder Cancer Victims

Actos Class Action Lawsuit

Now, more than a dozen lawsuits have been filed against Takeda Pharmaceuticals, the industry giant maker of Actos medication. Claimants alleged Takeda did not sufficiently warn patients about the dangers and risks related to bladder cancer that Actos presents. Those affected by Actos are being encouraged to get involved to maintain their rights and acquire due compensation. If you are one of these people, please read on and inquire with a product liability litigation specialist.

Class Action Lawsuit v. Private Lawsuit

Navigating the American judicial system can be a tricky process, especially when considering filing a lawsuit. In law, a class action, or a class suit, is a form of lawsuit in which a large group of people collectively file a claim against a defendant.

Private civil lawsuits against Actos manufacturers have several advantages over class action lawsuits. For example, there is the potential to receive a quicker settlement, as most patients place a premium on resolving their cases as quickly as possible. As such, the client will be able to exercise more control over his or her case. Further, private suits allow for individual consideration of the specific details of your case. Once one files a class action suit, they have the tendency to become no longer a victim but a number, as lawyers in class actions represent hundreds—even thousands—of clients. In a private suit, the claimant will have direct contact with the attorney representing them.

Hiring the Right Actos Lawyer

Do not expect to locate a good lawyer by simply flipping through the yellow pages or viewing television advertisements. Seeking Actos-specific legal counsel should be a priority for victims of this drug. An advocate who is familiar with the side effects and symptoms you are experiencing, and one that knows the ins and outs of pharmaceutical companies will certainly increase your chances of obtaining fair and just compensation. can refer prospective clients to a wide selection of nationally recognized, highly experienced Actos firms. We also provide a complimentary case evaluation, for those requesting in-depth information about taking legal action.

If your case is accepted, rest assured no one will be better represented on their Actos claim than you.

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